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2014-10-17PP&PE common zipper GN1341SP develop successfully!Back to List
GinYuanSeng has many year experiences of producing high quality plastic zipper, with depth analysis of customer’s need and technical innovation, has developed successfully PP&PE common zipper—GN1341SP!
Generally, plastic zipper should attach with the same material film, so the normal plastic zipper are PP, PE material to correspond the PP, PE bag film.
But GinYaunSeng develop innovatively the GN1341SP plastic zipper can both use in PP, PE laminated bag and aluminum foil bag. And it’s attached temperature is lower than normal zipper. First, it can help making bags faster and increase productivity. Second, it can help to produce smooth and beautiful bag, decrease heat damage. Third, manufacturer can save change zipper time and avoid loss from using wrong material zipper.
Common zipper will be future trend, our GN1341SP has lots advantage to help manufacturer to produce high quality product. GinYuanSeng’s insist and efforts on quality are well known by the bag industry, manufacturers are welcome to contact, exchange and discuss GN1341SP zipper product.